It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tracey, the founder of Term Payments and your new self designated enabling shopping bestie.

I had the idea for Term Payments while practicing online retail therapy and falling in love with a pair of shoes. I didn’t have credit and certainly didn’t have a cushion of disposable cash put away for a designer pair of shoes. I thought to myself, “If only they had layaway…”

The seed was planted, watered, and this website is the sprout. This is the beginning of what I dream of becoming a new more inclusive way for everyone to shop online. Layaway is a way of shopping that was popular after the Great Depression and before credit cards. Where you had an agreement with a shop owner to make a partial payment on an item for them to hold, while you made payments on the balance. Simple, easy, strait forward terms, and all you had to do was make your payments to purchase anything you wanted. I think it’s time to bring that back with a modern twist. Layaway online.

Eventually Term will be a button you can select on your favorite shopping websites. You’ll be able to begin a layaway anywhere and for anything. But for now, we’ve got this website and I’ll do my best to make sure, if its in my ability, to make sure you can get what you want on your terms.

Happy Shopping,


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