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Term Payments is your shopping destination to place the items you want on layaway.

Term Payments is the key that unlocks the door to inclusion in the online marketplace.

Term allows you to initiate real layaway online.  The choice is yours. Choose to pay over time or right now. You can make purchases with or without a debit card, bank account or credit. We  give you the ability to shop online with cash.


Curated Styles you love

Fashion changes constantly but style is eternal. How you bring the two together is where your uniqueness shines.

Our thoughtfully curated selection of handbags, shoes, clothes, and accessories speaks to everything you are or aspire to be. 



It is said you can tell an a man by his shoes and watch. We’ve got that and more. The savvy jacket, the edgy sneaker, or the streetwise hoodie, we’ve got you covered. Shop our collection and find that perfect thing that brings it all together.

Featured products

handpicked best offers

Limited edition. Hard to find. Specially chosen just for you. 

Our featured products are special items that may never come this way again. From coveted designer items to items, to special pricing, we’re putting all the goodies in this area.


Our offerings

We have a wide selection of inventory to choose from. Housewares, to sporting goods, to golf and hockey equipment, or the perfect handbag, we try to have something for everyone.  

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Shop on your terms

With Term Payments a 20% deposit is all you need to buy what you want.

Your choice.

Pay over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.  Receive your item when your payments are finished.

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